Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Bed

Air-O-Space Bed 5 in 1

Quicker way to arrange a Sofa or Bed for guests! Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Air Bed Sofa inflates quickly to create a full size 2-3 seater sofa or a queen size bed. It also converts into a lounger for lazy days in front of the TV, a recliner for lazy days outdoors sunbathing AND a neat kids high rise bed! Made from the highest quality PVC material, it is designed to look like black leather. It is waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Bed

Air-O-Space Sofa Bed is different from other inflatable beds on the market in many ways. It is made up of 3 sections; 2 base segments, connected by flexible tubes, holding them together and allowing air to flow between the two, and an upright (back rest/arm rest) section. You can choose to keep this third section deflated, enabling remaining two base sections to lie flat on the floor, making the longest inflatable bed on the market (a full 212 cm long) & a high rise kids bed! Inflate the third section (back rest/arm rests) and use as a sofa, lounger or recliner!

Remember, the AirOSpace Sofa Bed is just as comfortable and strong as a regular mattress. Made from PVC Vinyl, it's thicker than most standard air mattresses, plus you can choose how soft or firm you want it! When you’re finished, just deflate, roll up and store in the handy travel bag included.

Along with the Air-O-Space Soda Bed, Bag and Pump, you'll receive three interchangeable pump nozzles. So your pump can be used to inflate virtually any kind of inflatable.


  • SOFA Maximum user weight 205kg
    Measures 93 cm high x 100 cm deep x 160 cm wide
  • LOUNGER Measures 67 cm high x 212 cm long x 160 cm wide
  • RECLINER Measures 67cm high x 204 cm long x 160 cm wide
  • QUEEN SIZE BED Measures 20 cm high x 212 cm long x 160 cm wide
  • CHILDRENS HIGH RISE BED Measures 46 cm high x 159 cm long x 105 cm wide


  • 1 Air-O-Space Sofa Bed
  • 1 electric air pump
  • 3 interchangeable pump nozzles
  • 1 handy travel bag
  • 1 instruction manual
Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Bed
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Air-O-Space 5 in 1 Bed
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