Fold Away Launderly Folding Devise

Fold Away Launderly Folding Device

Fold Away Launderly Folding Devise

Buried under a mountain of laundry?

Introducing Fold Away. The fast and easy way to fold all your clothes in seconds. Place your garment face down on the Fold Away, then fold, fold, fold, then flip. Itís that simple. Fold Away Launderly Folding Devise

Fold Away works great for virtually all type clothing. Long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts. But thatís not all; with Fold Away you can even fold towels perfectly uniform too. It's never been easier to fold an entire basket of laundry, neatly, evenly in minutes. With Fold Away organizing drawers couldn't be simpler. Clothes stay neat, not wrinkled. Fold Away is virtually fool proof. Kids will love to help with the laundry now.

Great for Businesses: Companies in the garment industry needing to fold consistantly sized, perfectly folded clothes will find Fold Away an indespensible tool! Save your company time and money with Fold Away!

Now itís as easy as 1,2,3 to have perfect, professionally folded clothes instantly. Packing with Fold Away can keep your clothes wrinkle-free. Fold Away stores flat anywhere.

Fold Away Launderly Folding Devise

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Fold Away Laundry Folding Device
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